What Clients Are Saying


Every individual who must make a living in order to enjoy a quality of life that appeals to them must consciously grow personally and professionally in order to survive in this very chaotic, every changing intensely disruptive and every changing global landscape. One choice for many is to invest in higher education through obtaining a Masters’ degree in Business Administration, Technology etc. From my experience if this is something you may be contemplating, I would highly recommend that you speak with me first.

Obtaining higher degrees are an option but if you are looking to professionally compete I encourage you to first find out what makes you different. What I mean is we must identify your own Intellectual Property that differentiates you and sets you apart from the global perceived employment competition. Until you know what makes you different and how that difference will set you apart when applying for corporate positions, climbing the proverbial corporate ladder, starting your own consulting practice or company. Whatever it is that you are seeking that will give you purpose and position you to earn consistent revenue that aligns with the value you offer you will end up stuck in a tight funnel with thousands of others trying to be notice and seen.

Once you discern who you really are, then and only then consider if spending money on higher education will in fact strategically position you for that better job, career calling or entrepreneurial experience. Keep in mind that if everyone is scrambling to enter into a Masters’ program how will the employer be able to discern who is truly worthy of the job being offered. Many of my clients have Masters’ Degrees and I encourage them to take it off their resume and instead we develop their expertise that will align with what the company requires and through branding, and strategic marketing they are set up to get an interview worthy of their value. Supporting them through the interviewing process whether for employment or securing a potential client or customer is critical.

Discernment is something that you gain from doing your own personal and professional work.

Outside Objectivity:
Due to demanding day to day activity, decision making can quickly become insular and reactive. Intelligent outside objectivity provides a new perspective that proactively addresses insulation and reactivity that, if not attended to, may eventually sabotage corporate goals, objectives and profitability

Removal of Assumptions:
One example: Executive and Leadership strengths and capabilities are not solely defined by the title the individual bears. Until the strengths and capabilities to achieve a successful outcome are clearly identified the danger is that Executive and Leadership requirements are assumed instead of being realized.

 Success and Failure is a choice:
Discerning in advance how the Company may fail encourages the Executive team to consciously find intelligent solutions that will deliberately position the Company for a successful outcome.

Seeing Ahead:
Vision and seeing ahead are two distinctly different experiences. Vision is a dream of what is possible, whereas seeing ahead acts as a compass and catalyst to ensure the dream is realized.

Measurable Execution:
Without a plan to execute and measure the results of the actions taken the intended outcome may be left to chance.