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Employees will not tolerate the leadership of 21st Century Mavericks who built many successful companies that we are privy to today.  This dialogue is not to make the Maverick Chief Executive Officers (CEO) wrong as that level of leadership in the 21st Century served a purpose. Mavericks areself-made millionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs whose ego ruled the roost. It was their way or the highway. Rarely did the Maverick CEO seek advice, support or help.  Their vision was to get things done, make money at whatever cost and if you couldn’t keep up you had to go. Many ruled with an iron fist. This distinct leadership sounds brutal but in many cases was necessary for many companies to survive the depression, two world wars, and volatile economies experienced during that time.

Today, the Maverick CEO is a dying breed.

Companies cannot risk hiring leaders with bully mentality, as Millennials and Gen “Y”’s will not follow that generation of authority.  Now that we are almost 15 years into the 21st Century of the New Millennium, employees of all ages yearn for a new and more evolved level of leader.  Therefore, those who currently hold the position of CEO, aspire to become a CEO, are chosen or inherit this position must be prepared to become a new breed of CEO. The expectations of this new breed of 21st Century CEO is to have the values, vision, leadership, intelligence, experience, accountability and execution skills necessary to successfully lead the company and its employees forward into the ever changing and highly competitive 21st Century regional, national and global market place.

There are no two CEO’s alike.

Jan Eden offers a stimulating and rewarding “Become a 21st Century CEO” custom designed training and development program ideally suited for:

  • Entrepreneur CEO’s
  • Inventor CEO’s
  • Public Company CEO’s
  • Non-Profit CEO’s
  • Family Business owned CEO’s
  • Business Owner CEO’s
  • Employed CEO’s
  • Private Company CEO’s
  • Emerging CEO’s
  • Successor CEO’s

Which CEO are you?

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