Become a 21st Century Executive

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To become a 21st Century Executive, employees require a new level of customized executive and leadership education, training, and development that can be incorporated into their current executive leadership development tool kit.  This Program is designed to do just that for executives who are:

  • Ready to step into a more senior Executive or Chief Executive position.
  • Lacking in executive and leadership experience.
  • Reaching a ceiling in their capabilities as leaders and executives.
  • Not respected by those following.
  • Considering leaving their current employer, not to retire, but to find new opportunities elsewhere that will complement their intelligence with new engaging roles and responsibilities that will fully challenge their executive leadership capabilities and experience.

With senior executives not retiring, what promotion incentives does the company make available to offer ambitious, intelligent, committed and loyal company leaders?

This program is also designed for ambitious employees who:

  • Have grown out of their respective job descriptions and want new job or career challenges and experiences that will position them for more senior or executive leadership positions.

How does an ambitious employee get promoted to an executive position?

Executives and leaders with great succession potential leave their current employment to seek positions with new companies, not necessarily for more money, but because they are:

  • Seeking new challenging and engaging roles and responsibilities that will lead to eventual executive leadership promotion.
  • Not being recognized for their executive leadership ability and potential.
  • Not being advised and positioned for possible future executive promotion.

Jan Eden’s “Become a 21st Century Executive Program” is a perfect solution for companies and individuals looking to develop executive leadership skills.

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