Become a Leader of Significance

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Your title alone does not make you a Leader.

Leaders of Significance are a unique breed. Like entrepreneurs, true leaders are rare. Many corporations spend thousands to millions of dollars on leadership training and development.  Regardless of the cost, intelligent training and education is invaluable.  The investment becomes even more valuable if the leadership training and development has a purposeful outcome.

High priced leadership education without a desired outcome is counter-productive.

To follow a true leader is rare.  Knowing how much time and money invested in such leadership training and development programs wouldn’t it be prudent and purposeful for companies to:

  • First engage in an interviewing process that is designed to separate prospective candidates who demonstrate natural leadership capabilities from the selected group.
  • Build a customized advanced leadership training and development program that connects and aligns natural leaders with a purposeful outcome.
  • Deliberately and consciously set natural leaders up to:
  • Integrate their newly found leadership capabilities gained from  training  and development;
  • Utilize their intelligence and experience by giving them greater leadership responsibilities and challenges;
  • Trust that by giving them authority to make decisions that those decisions will contribute to the betterment of the company
  • Allow them to exceed their own expectations.

*MOST IMPORTANT:  Advise them of the plans the company has for their leadership capabilities going forward.

Jan Eden is very aware of what true leaders are seeking.

True leaders want to grow, learn and advance their careers rapidly by engaging in new job experiences that result in significant achievements. At the same time, are humbly prepared to fail, in order to understand and comprehend what it takes to lead others. Their greatest desire is to be a significant player in contributing to the company’s growth and success by being asked their opinion, given new challenges and invited into discussions that allows them to feel their contribution is valued.  Therefore, the Leaders of Significance training and development program is cognizant of what it takes to mold leaders with natural leadership capabilities to becoming ….

….Leaders of Significance.

Jan Eden offers a custom designed “Become a Leader of Significance” Program ideally suited for individuals whose desire is to lead others on a higher level of leadership performance.

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