Higher Selling in the 21st Century

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For Executives and Professionals who are tasked with prospecting and securing new sales in the 21st Century.

The 21st Century local, regional, national and global landscapes are rapidly changing and have become extremely competitive due to various disruptive elements most significantly the Internet.

It is assumed that Executives and Professionals have the professional sales capabilities to secure new clients.

Therefore, to compete in this disruptive arena, it is critical that Executives and Professionals learn how to build and secure their own professional networks and most importantly develop the necessary professional sales skills required in order to grow their client base.

Higher Selling offers an individually designed and customized higher level sales development process and program that results in Executives and Professionals confidently attracting and securing new clients.

The Higher Selling process and program is specifically designed for Executives and Professionals who:

  • Are required to build a solid network of prospective new clients.
  • Are required to sell respective professional products and services to new prospective clients.
  • Have not received customized professional sales training that supports their strengths, limitations, obstacles and challenges.
  • Are reluctant to build a solid network of prospective new clients due to lack of self-confidence.
  • Have not yet developed their own achievable and measurable higher sales process that will support them in attracting and securing new clients.

Higher Selling specializes in setting Executives and Professionals up to confidently and proudly achieve consistent sales success in an evolved and gracious way.

Jan Eden has been gratefully attracting and securing ideal clients since 1993 utilizing her proven Higher Selling process and program. To learn more, please contact Jan Eden.