Seamless Executive Succession

Over the next decade, an unprecedented 30% of the workforce will retire….

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Taking along with them their wisdom, critical knowledge, business intelligence and years ofexperience.  Yet, only 9% of small to medium enterprise owners have a formal, written succession plan; 40% have an informal, unwritten plan; and 51% do not have a succession plan at all; according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business1. Therefore…..

BEWARE!    Choosing the wrong internal or external Executive candidate may result in:

  • Unnecessary cost when hiring and firing the wrong candidate.
  • Decision making insulation and clouded objectivity when hiring the ideal candidate.
  • The Executive resting on their laurels.
  • Lack of vision and experience to grow the company forward.
  • Financial loss due to the Executive’s lack of discernment in making important decisions.
  • Performance and productivity disruption.
  • Re-inventing proven systems and initiatives.
  • Employees resisting or disrespecting the new Executive due to ego or entitlement.
  • Company set-backs due to lack of Executive capabilities, focus and execution.

1. Bruce D. and Wong, Q. November 2012.  Passing on the Business to the Next Generation Survey Results on Small Business Succession Planning.  Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Hiring the wrong Successor can cause a company costly and irreparable damage.

Jan Eden offers a custom designed “Seamless Succession Planning” Program ideally suited for companies that require a qualified, intelligent, enthusiastic, and forward thinking Successor to seamlessly replace the CEO or other retiring Executives.

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