Become an Expert

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Where will you and your career be in the year 2021?

“In five years you will be five years older and hopefully five years wiser.”

An Expert: “A person who has comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.”    Websters Dictionary

How does one become an Expert?

By enrolling in Jan Eden’s unique, compelling, and transforming custom designed Experts in Training Program.  This Program is ideally suited for individuals who are:

Millennials or Gen Y’s:  Driven to advance or change careers.

Gen X’s:  Have reached a ceiling in their profession, job, career, business or life.

Boomers: Ready to give back as mentors or consultants.

Executives or Professionals: Ready for a strategic career/job move, executive position, promotion, new challenge, board position.

Downsized or let go:  A golden opportunity to re-evaluate job and career direction.

Semi-retired, retired executives or professionals: Needing engaged personal fulfilment.

Bursting with creativity:  To bring a uniqueidea, innovation or invention to life.

Gifted: With a compelling story or insight that can be transferred into a published article or book.

Considering advanced education:  Without a defined or confirmed career outcome.

Thinking of starting a business:  Ready to explore possible entrepreneurial ideas and capabilities.

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