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There are three types of sales performers.

Sales Enthusiast- Promoter

Popular, friendly, know a lot of people, enthusiastic, optimistic, personable, charismatic, love having fun and entertaining, generous and great conversationalist.

Little or no sales training or sales strategy; reluctance to research ideal prospects/decision makers; over promises under delivers; weak listening, follow up and follow through skills.

Sales Professional – Account Focused

Provide good customer or client service, product knowledge and expertise to valued accounts.

Securing new accounts; lack depth of contacts and connections within a specific account; lack forward thinking, plan “B” or strategy to protect company revenues from possible account loss. 

Sales Expert- New Sales Focused

Natural sales person; confident; intuitive; patient; develops an achievable sales strategy and action plan; sets and achieves sales goals and targets; researches and vets ideal prospects; determines the value and the “why” respective prospects would buy products or services; graciously contacts and meets with decision makers; once connection is made discusses the decision maker’s interests, family, hobbies, career and accomplishments; finds alignment with mutual interests; builds trust; listens for what is not being said i.e. acceptance or rejection; follows up; follows through with precision; and conscious of margins and profitability.

Ego, arrogance, entitlement, assume, take prospect for granted, weak follow through.