Climb the 21st Century Corporate Ladder

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How does an employee climb the proverbial corporate ladder?

Employees have different reasons for wanting to climb the corporate ladder to advance their job experience and career ambitions. The main reason for many is to be professionally challenged.

Each company has its own protocols for promoting employees. In many cases, these protocols are never disclosed. Employees are then left working in the wishing and hoping that one day they will be promoted to a better and more challenging position.

Ambitious employees look at staying in their current positions in five year segments. By 2.5 years, If job or career movement is not obvious or they have not been told by their superior that the company has job or career advancement plans for them, many become antsy. At three years, they start thinking about or plan to leave their current employer seeking the challenges and advancement they require, elsewhere.

Today, job or career advancement isn’t as simple as it may have appeared in the 20th Century. Job or career advancement has become more difficult and extremely competitive due to senior employees not leaving and very capable national and global candidates applying for preferred positions. Therefore, those desiring job or career advancement need to be smarter, more prepared, focused, deliberate and most important have a personal brand and strategic plan to ensure that future employment and career choices are not left to chance. Jan Eden offers a custom designed Climb the 21st Century Corporate Ladder strategic development program for Millennials, Gen Y’s, Gen X’s, professionals and employees wanting to develop professionally.