Jan Eden: Inspirational Speaker, Author and Executive, Professional and Corporate Growth Expert


With more than 25 years of experience developing a 21st Century Executive Mindset that guides CEOs and their Executive Teams in how to lead, maneuver and build new strategies to combat the extreme global industry economic disruption that is currently encroaching upon all Executives leading in the 21st Century.

Jan also works with Professionals who need to become experts in their respect industries in order to be competitively visible in this highly competitive, disruptive, and ever-changing global landscape. Jan does this by intuitively identifying their respective Intellectual Property that makes them stand out and be noticed. Jan does this through capturing, packaging, and marketing their Intellectual Property as an Employee, Consultant, or Business Owner.

Jan began her speaking career in 1992, offering, over a period of three years, two international –two-day workshops entitled “Setting Up For Success” and “Preparing for the New Millennium.” Thousands of Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals through out North America and Europe attended these events. The results from the workshops were profound. The popularity and success of these workshops were instrumental in forming Jan’s Executive, Professional, and Corporate Growth company that she continues to lead today, known simply as Jan Eden & Associates.

Jan’s popular speaking products include: Every Employee is a Sales Person: Internally and Externally; Brand, Market, and Sell Yourself Successfully; Honour in the Workplace; Egoless Leadership; Become a Leader of Significance; Climb the Proverbial Corporate Ladder; Become a Master Connector; and Become a 21st Century CEO: Building 21st Century Companies.

Jan’s latest book, Death of a CEO, speaks to Executives and Professionals as to how the 20th Century Maverick CEO is a dying breed and the 21st Century CEO is yet to be formed. Challenges for companies going forward include the lack of definition in what that executive leader needs to be, and where are these executives going to be found leaves a serious gap in the 21st Century local, provincial, national, and global corporate landscape. Jan specializes in forming and developing the new 21st Century breed of CEO and their respective executive mindset that is urgently required to successfully lead all companies into the 21st Century.