Think Differently

Turn Ordinary INTO Extraordinary

“Fasten your seat belt, you’re in for one transforming and amazing ride.”


Meet Jan Eden

For over twenty-five years, working with an abundance of exceptional clients, Jan is privileged in being instrumental in supporting and executing along side each client in achieving notable results. Jan is an expert in identifying and transforming executive and professional uniqueness into revenue generating intellectual property and expertise.

Since the mid nineties, Jan has been studying and speaking out about global disruption and change. The results of her studies realized the need to develop a 21st Century Executive Mindset.

Jan’s greatest strength is her ability to listen to her clients and intuit the path forward through clear pictures in her mind’s eye. These pictures form, as she communicates with her clients, laying out the direction both the client and Jan will take to achieve the client’s goals and objectives.

In addition to this invaluable gift, her depth of experience garnered from working with clients in an array of industries and businesses, has earned her a level of wisdom and discernment that quickens the execution process.

This level of wisdom and discernment ensures clients will receive an actionable and achievable outcome that sustains long past the engagement with Jan is fulfilled. Jan’s 21st Century Executive Mindset custom designed advancement programs result in executives, professionals and employees staying relevant in this new time.

Jan is the Past President, Association of Corporate Growth (ACG) Calgary Chapter and a Founder of Bumble Bees Venture Capital.

“What was will not be going forward.”

Welcome to The 21st Century Executive Mindset

The 21st Century Executive Mindset is evolving. It is urgent and time sensitive to develop and integrate this new mindset. Why? To get in front of the global tsunami wave of continual disruption and change, or risk being sucked under, left behind or become irrelevant.

Hence, it is mandatory that executives and others begin to consciously and deliberately think and execute differently. Don’t be blindsided. Become the scout on the hill. Master outside objectivity. Identify and remove assumptions. Impulsively exalt others. Embrace the future of work. Adapt quickly. Become a first adopter. Fail fast. Identify transferrable skills. Be creatively and strategically competitively visible.

Therefore, it is critical to develop a 21st Century Executive Mindset in these areas:

  • Executive
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • The Value of You

Develop a 21st Century Executive Mindset


Become the executive your  employees and customers deserve.

Jan’s 21st Century Executive Mindset custom designed advancement programs ensure CEO’s and Executives will:
  • Remain relevant in the new normal
  • Be the ‘Executive Scout on the Hill’
  • See opportunity within industry and global disruption
  • Develop advanced executive skills and capabilities
  • Build an internal and external visibility plan
  • Be conscious, empathetic and open


Securing executive positions employees will:

  • Accelerate internal or external executive hire
  • Identify executive transferrable skills
  • Develop an executive mindset
  • Package, market and present executive skills
  • Build an internal and external visibility plan
  • Be introduced to new prospects
No longer can one rest on past laurels


There is a growing demand in both public and especially in private sectors to hire full time or contract 21st Century CFOs.
Jan has developed five distinct and integrative pillars Leadership, Sales, Finance, Operations and Technology to position
CFO’s for immediate and long-term measurable success in these ever-changing times.

Jan’s 21st Century CFO Mindset custom designed advancement programs ensure CFO’s will:
  • Think differently
  • Stay relevant by looking up and seeing ahead
  • Align with the CEO, sales and operations
  • Educate sales on financial literacy
  • Collaborate with sales on growth initiatives
  • Design strategic financial plans
  • Research operational and technological advancements
  • Become first technological adopter
  • Raise reputable growth capital
  • Create a significant data base
  • Build loyal internal and external relationships
  • Position company for profitable growth or sale
Your reputation proceeds you


Jan’s 21st Century Executive Mindset Business Development, Sales Manager and Sales Professional custom designed advancement programs ensure clients will:

  • Secure a seat at the executive decision-making table
  • Develop sales and management expertise
  • Know, execute and follow through on customer or client expectations
  • Learn creative selling principles to earn more
  • Develop business, finance and sales intelligence
  • Build envious customer and client relationships
  • Grow a significant data base
  • Develop a strategic sales mindset
  • Design strategic sales plans
  • Gain ongoing technical and product knowledge
  • Know their transferrable skills
  • Be competitively visible
Know your value or no one else will

UNLEASH THE VALUE OF YOU – Become competitively visible

One of the most difficult elements in being human is to identify, communicate, promote, market and sell the ‘Value of You’.

Jan’s 21st Century Executive Mindset The Value of You custom designed advancement programs ensure executives and professionals experiencing career transition or career reinvention will:

  • Identify and frame the ‘Value of You’
  • Creatively brand, package, market, promote and sell
    the ‘Value of You’
  • Confidently communicate and present the ‘Value of You’
  • Identify Intellectual Property (IP) and turn (IP) into revenue generating products or services
  • Gain greater levels of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Build a targeted data base of qualified prospects
  • Receive introductions to new prospects
  • Be competitively visible

21st Century Executive Mindset is a Division of The Eden Group