Thinking Differently

The Thinking Differently Luncheon Series’ offers the following:

  1. Connecting: Gives luncheon guests an opportunity to expand their outer circle of contacts through meeting a higher calibre of like minded business associates.
  2. Features Educational & Inspirational Topics

21st Century Mindset

21st Century Mindset introduces new disruptive technologies through compelling presentations presented by passionate inventors, business owners and consultants. This is an educational forum that supports luncheon guests in learning what is happening outside of their company and industry in staying knowledgeable and relevant. Over several years, this luncheon platform has given several presenters a starting point in becoming internationally renowned experts in their field of expertise.

Conversations That Matter

Conversations that Matter is a platform that gives Jan’s clients and others an opportunity to practice presenting their newly found technology, idea or next career direction. The presentations are designed to inspire and spark creativity within the minds and hearts of the luncheon guests.


Zac Trolley

Zac Trolley P.Eng

Space Evangelist | Futurist | Speaker


“Zac Trolley is an experienced project engineer with a diverse background and skill set. In addition to his technical aptitude, he is also an intrepid adventurer, dabbling futurist, and talented communicator. Driven by a passion to see humanity expand beyond Earth’s gravity Zac has invested a larger portion of his time to understand how humans could live on Mars. By continually improving himself he aims to achieve this seemingly impossible task. He is compelled to getting humanity to Mars in partnership with Earth-based industries such as oil and gas so that we can explore the solar system while improving living conditions on Earth. Most significant he is committed to educating people on ‘why’ and ‘how’ humans may eventually live on Mars. “