Client Validation


Peter Blanchard


“From our first coffee, I knew Jan was the person that could provide me the clarity that I needed in my professional and personal life. Her attention to detail and informative insights are second to none. Jan was able to get me back on track with a focused vision to the future. Thank you Jan!”

Alex Sandford Baros


“I had the opportunity to work with Jan Eden when she provided outstanding coaching sessions about CFO mindset in the 21st century. Jan is an excellent coach and leader with extensive business acumen, technical skills and most important leadership skills which is fundamental for everyone’s career development. Jan is a mentor who I strongly recommend for professionals with Financial Management expertise and is looking for to becoming a CFO. Companies today require strong financial management practices leading to implement effective and efficient financial controls & reporting aligned with the strategic growth plan built on the latest technology. CFO is more than financial knowledge; CFO needs in fact to lead the organization into sustainable strategic growth and Jan can help you to get there.”

Scott Weiler CA, CPA


“Jan and I started working together five years ago, my initial goal was having a mentor and coach to help me grow professionally in my career. At the time I was not being the leader I sought to be and wanted to improve my leadership skills.

Over the course of the last three years we have covered a lot of ground; Jan has been part counsellor, part cheerleader and full-time coach. As our relationship grow and changed I found Jan to be a solid support for where I want to go professionally.

I credit Jan with the growth in me as a leader and broadening my view as to where I could take my role as a professional. I now see Jan as one of ‘my people’ I go to help me validate my thinking and provide guidance.”